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Christmas Markets in Europe

Travel European Christmas markets are a popular choice for short breaks. Several companies offer deals and you can travel by bus, ferry, train or plane. One way to save on the cost of the trip is to book river cruises to the Christmas markets. Most Christmas markets are held on Thursday is Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I know that cruises are scheduled from late November to just before Christmas. You should also check the prices for accommodation in luxury hotels catering to the business market. These can often be very cheap during the Christmas and New Year and do a good budget for an extended cruise. Christmas markets can be found in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Germany has many Christmas markets dating back to medieval times. Christmas Market in Dresden was the first time in 1434, but this is not the first market. Today it attracts over 1.5 million visitors and has over 60 stalls. In most markets stalls selling handmade items, books, toys, decorations for Christmas trees and ornaments. Write a mulled wine and eggnog (in eggy hot alcoholic beverages) are sold along with food and there is singing and dancing.

Austria has a Christmas market in the United Nations, All Major Cities and Towns. Vienna is home to only about 25 markets, from small to large. Christmas Markets Hanno A Long History in Austria, Vienna The market dates back to a December 1294 The Christmas market situated outside Schonbrunn Schonbrunn Palace and the spectacular Among the most popular. There Are More Than stalls selling decorations March 60 for the Christmas tree made ​​of wood, felt, glass, stone, handmade ceramics, hand carved toys and feeding one. There are lots of United Nations also Austrian specialties Enjoy Trying Mon Mar wines, as ta punched whole of Austria. Ome and Graz See What Tues Christmas markets offer numerous Regional Agricultural Products of Styria, arts and crafts, hot punch and mulled wine.

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