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Did Eve Have Sex With the Devil Or Did She Just Eat Some Fruit? - Part 4 - Why the Curse on Canaan?

In the third part, I left, where, after the King James Bible, Noah's wife is known only as "Mrs. Noah" (my terminology), but who was? As I mentioned in the third part, rescued from the line of Cain to bridge the tide of the eight survivors, that the Ark was a descendant of Cain to be included. A crucial point, we must also understand that at this point in human history, the tribal, clan, or rather, the seed strain from the male side is made and not on the female side, Sarah, Abraham's first woman to. This change means that the Adam / Sethitic is made ​​or the line of the people of Noah and his three sons. This in turn means that Noah's daughters had also descendants of Cain, but we are not told. However, since the male side, at this point brings the dynastic line, the genetic origins of these women have no meaning. The line Sethitic is supported by all three children, because they were all sons of Adam through Seth. So this brings us back to the racial identity of the woman Noah, because it is they who will be the lynchpin of the chain of this fascinating story. Also keep in mind, why is that important, all descendants of three sons of Noah Sethitic take the line, but with one exception, and I'm back to this later in this article.

Well, as I said in the third part is a woman in Genesis 4:22 with the name of Naamah, who was the sister of Tubal-Cain, it is certainly talked about a descendant of Cain. The fact is that it was Noah's wife? The answer, once again, and so suspicious, not the King James Bible is, then we have no choice but to look elsewhere for evidence. After looking elsewhere, what you find there? Answer: Yes, Naamah was Noah's wife to the Midrash Rabbah, Genesis, the ancient Hebrew texts from Wikipedia and you get:

Genesis Rabba Rabba Bereshith is a religious text from Judaism's classical period. There is a Midrash (Hebrew for 'interpretation') is a collection of ancient rabbinic homiletical interpretations of the Book of Genesis (Bereshith in Hebrew).

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