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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain - Proven Strategies That Work For Me Every Year

A holiday depressing statistic: the average person gains 6-10 pounds between Halloween and New Year. Before you crawl back under the covers, I assure you that you can do in January without sabotaging your waistline. There is no magic wand, you must have determination. Here are some tips weight loss vacation.

Have a plan to avoid holiday weight gain

Rarely do we eat too much of the way, we do it spontaneously. Having an action plan, budget, wants to stop those "impulse buys" of pecan pie. It can be difficult to make a good decision in the heat of the moment. Standing at the buffet table, a cocktail equilibrium is the wrong time to try to calculate how many calories you've eaten. If you wait until the alcohol has to decide what to drink at the bar? No, the decision is taken every day when he wakes up to find this fix if you avoid holiday weight gain is important to you.

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