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Elvis Presley 30 Years After His Death

For many at the time of his death, Elvis was an icon of music roll rock 'n. This flattery is not without reason, as was and is the biggest selling artist of all time, and one of, if not the biggest money making artists inanimate. It is estimated that the revenue from his music, at home "Graceland" (the most visited house in America Baring "The White House") hovers over 42 million U.S. dollars per year mark, the figure put him on the same level paid by many of the main leaders of today. It goes without saying that these impressive statistics for each, the standard is, but how can you judge the importance of the legacy of an artist or a person? If there is only to determine financial success? I do not think should be the case with art, but what it should be, is, as it withstands the test of time. In the case of the late Elvis Aaron Presley is still so well by his fans, some of whom were not even born when he went, it would be safe to say that his work has passed that test, I believe all art should be remembered measure past.

For my part I was 10 years old when Elvis died in "Graceland", located on the "Elvis Presley Boulevard" in Memphis, Tennessee 30 years ago, August 16, 1977. At the time of his death I do not really know much about Elvis anything other then a singer who looked at in light comedies, which were often shown on television so it would be difficult for me to say that I felt a great sense of thanks to mourning his loss. Another factor that the distance between me and put the hysteria surrounding his death was really I was in Argentina at the time living with his grandmother did not know that experienced the event as mean as much as if I were in the U.S.. However NaturallySpeaking When a person hungry Elvis ends the news is all over the world, sparing no country, no matter how much make as happened with Elvis.

At the time of this death Particularly I remember reading a lot about him and even feel a bit 'of his music, some of which I had already heard her not knowing what was at that time. A lot of his music was unknown to me, though, because that music was not something at the age of 10 was of particular interest to me. In the end I Become very interested in music I know, but not in pop or rock, but classical music, which is what I write now, and follow in order to attend the opera as well as the Philharmonic on numerous occasions.

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