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The Feeling of Terror: the Start of a New Goal

I admit it. It scares me. I am committed to a new target.

If this is not so difficult. After all, I see this for years and years. I have seen this person in my mind that could do this particular task well and in good shape, pointing upwards to do it. Yet, the other day when I showed up in particular to do this, I pulled back, and what intimidated by those around me who made this thing look so easy, and had no nerves at all on them. They were laughing and joking as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and I stared at the group, and then slowly sliding into oblivion by them. I admit, I did not have the courage.

But now? I faced my fears. I said I wanted to really make the coach, but was worried if I could really do it and he convinced me that I can, and now? I did it. Actually I did.

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