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Why Time Seems Like it Goes by Faster Each Year

It seems that we have just entered 2008 unthinkable! It seems literally a year or two that I was sitting in the month of August on the beach at night, the moist air of Guam New Year's Eve, bringing in the new millennium. Have you ever wondered why time seems to go so much faster each year?

I did my personal insights, let me share with you, not only provides a plausible explanation for this phenomenon, but there So do not feel the reputation we have more "time" as we think, no matter how we live much longer.

Remember when you were a kid, walking home from the last day of school, excitedly waiting for your summer vacation? Is it not true that the summers seemed to last forever? And you remember how long it lasted the school year in primary school? And now though? Do not you think the summers seem now to go in a blur?

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